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Super Brain Yoga

Face  East. For old people, face North
Connect your tongue to the palate. (i.e. touch your roof of the mouth with tongue tip)
Preferably invoke for Divine Blessing. (Optional)
Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. As in below figure.


Squeeze the right ear lobe with your left thumb and left index finger. As in below fig.

The thumb must be on the outside and the index finger must be on the inside when gently squeezing the ear lobe. As in below fig
 Similarly squeeze left ear lobe with right thumb and index finger. The left arm must be inside and the right arm outside. This is the correct arm position. As in below fig
      As you press on the earlobes, squat down as fully as you can, keeping your back straight. Then stand up. Do 14 rounds, inhaling through the nose on the way down and exhaling through the mouth while coming up. 

       Release your finger after 14 rounds.
      Say a short prayer of thanks giving (optional)
  Do not do the super brain yoga 2 days before, during and after menstruation.
Do not overdo this yoga.

Watch Super Brain Yoga Video: