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How does Distant Healing works?

The basic principle of distant healing is that the Life Force or Vital Energy can be transmitted from one person to another person (The Principle of Transmittability). The transmission is possible because the Life Force can be directed to where the attention is focused, in other words, the Energy follows the thought (The Principle of Directability). The patient should be receptive or at least neutral to receive the projected pranic energy. The state of relaxation increases the degree of receptivity. Without receptivity, the projected energy will not be absorbed by the patient (Principle of Receptivity).

Another important principle of distant healing is “The Principle of Interconnectedness”. As per the principle, the body of the patient and the body of the healer are interconnected with each other since they are part of the earth’s energy body. On a more subtle level, it means that we are part of the Solar system and interconnected with the whole cosmos.

In distant healing also, the same physical, psychological and emotional benefits of Pranic Healing are obtained.

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