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Maha Atma Choa Kok Sui's Quotes

Guru (The Teacher)

'The term ‘guru’ comes from the word ‘zeroaster’ 
which means ‘the teacher from the sun’. 
The guru symbolizes the light.'

'The teacher is like a mini-sun, always radiating light. 
As the teacher radiates light, it makes the teachings simple and clear. 
Mysterious subjects become easy to understand 
due to the transmission of the teachings to the students. 
Transmission is both received internally and externally.' 

'The teacher is a bridge. 
As you become more receptive, you become one with the teacher.' 

'The function of the guru is to interact with you personally 
and also in the inner world.' 

'How you treat the teacher is like an echo. 
It comes back to you many, many times. 
What you give returns to you many, many times.' 

'Do not make the mistake of thinking that your limitations of the guru or of god.' 

'The guru can show the way, but you must walk the path. 
You must transform yourself.' 

'The teacher may change appearance according to your culture or religion. 
The teacher may even transfer into a symbolic image. 
Great teachers are beyond religion.' 

'When you look at the teacher, remember this is the spiritual within a physical body. 
The spiritual teacher is not the physical body.' 

'It is the nature of young children to take and take and take. 
It is the nature of parents to give and give. 
It is the same with the spiritual guru.' 

'The teacher should teach according to the students level. 
We could not ask Einstein to teach nursery school. 
You need a teacher according to your level.' 

'You cannot trust people just because they are called Guru. 
Never accept things blindly.' 

'The good teacher will give you freedom of thought. 
The teacher does not force his thoughts on you. 
The teacher gives the students freedom to draw their conclusions.' 

'The feet of a guru are like an electrical socket. 
By touching the guru’s feet, you get plugged into the energy.' 

'Credit goes to the guru when the teachings are simple enough to understand.' 

'Why does the ocean contain so much water? 
Because it is lower than the river. The teacher is like an ocean.' 

'Without a strong connection to the guru, your development will be difficult. 
The relationship between guru and student must be harmonious; 
otherwise, it will affect the class.'