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Pranic Face Lifting

Pranic face lift is a technique for removing the stress, tension and traumas embedded in the face and body causing  wrinkles and pre-mature aging.

It is a specific no-touch no-pain energy healing technique that removes accumulated stress and painful  psychological energy from the face. By applying advanced Pranic Healing techniques and utilizing color energy or  color pranas on the face in a specific hue, proportion and sequence an energy facial skin program is established.

In short, Pranic Face Lift...
Make the face look young and fresh
Reduce lines, Blemishes and wrinkles on your face
Remove and disintegrate facial stress energy
Get a refreshed, energized and healthy looking face
Tighten your skin and restore the radiant glow of your face

After the treatment recipients usually feel more relaxed and energised too.

The recipient can either sit or lie down and the treatment lasts about an hour.

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