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Official Website

Pranic Energy Treatments & Trainings Department at Westfort Hospital

YPV Level - 1
The Treatments Focus on the physical level

Your Energy Field and Energy Centers

Increase the Energy Levels


Enhance TREATMENTS techniques, specialized for serious ailments 
Using The Power of colors

Treating severe conditions like 
migraine, arthritis, diabetes,hypertension, asthma, 
heart blockage, paralysis, stroke and more ...

Instantaneous Treatments techniques for fresh minor wounds, burns, 
headache, stomach ache, diarrhea etc ...


TREATMENTS for psychological and emotional problems

Removes the energies of stress, anxiety, depression, phobia,
ANY negative habit and/or addiction

Techniques to protect yourself from other people’s negative thoughts
and emotions by creating an energy shield

YPV LEVEL - 4 Energetic Defense

Techniques to shield yourself and family from negative thoughts 
and psychic contamination projected by others

Protect your business to ensure prosperity

YPV  LEVEL - 5 Using Crystals

Special treatment for emotional, mental and physicalailments 

The Brain Power Workout -

An exciting alternative exercise 
on how to give power to the Brain;
which can improve the quality of your life 
& also of your family members in all areas  

ENERGY Face - Lift

Make the face look young and fresh

Reduce lines, blemishes and wrinkleson your face

Remove and disintegrate facial stress energy

ENERGY Body - Sculpting

Remove the old energy patterns causing the fatcells to stay stuck

Improve the body’s ability to rejuvenate and become slimmer

Lose weight positively with the combined use of  pranichealing exercise and zone diet

Regain your confidence level by being in good shape

Kriya shakti

Disintegrate the negative energies that obstruct the flow of 
prosperity, happiness and success in your Life!

ENERGY  Feng - Shui

Environmental energies of different directions and formations 
affect health, wealth and spirituality

Relationship Treatments & Balance

Relationship problem TREATMENT through Advance and Efective Treatment apply